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Sep 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
knowstheyywound have won it, too...and as they head into this season, they know &pthe road ahhad..and they also agree on gthh destination... 3 thursday this football - season...we're holding a football chat at 8...go to our facebook page...facebook dot com slash fox baltimore to join the discussion. single game of first place in - the al east..hihglights coming up a little later in sports.. backkto you new tonight at 5:30... baltimore native and olympic legend michael phelps is dominating ssmething else besidds swimming. 3 frightening momentssduring a monsterrtruck many people were innured when this truck went flying into spectators. and democrats gear up for √°their√° convention, as at least onn big name republican tragedy at an the spotlight..- crashing plane anndsmoking a - wreckage in a farm field. it happened at the quad city air show.the pilot from texas was flying a soviet-era military formation.... making a 45-degree bank... and you can see... was unable to come out of it...he flew strait into the ground, and was killed in the fiery crash. 38-50"one was headed t
Sep 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
bandwagonn..aad it's full speed ahhad. 3 and a sad day for maryland racing...the legendary deputed testamonyyhas died at bonita farm in harford county..he was 32...he won theepreakness in 1983, and was the last maryland-bred horse to winthat event..and at the time of his death, he was the oldest living winnnr of a triple crown his 20 race career, deputed testamony won 11 times and finished second 3 times..he was a blue collar horse in a blue collar town and he ran like his paycheck was on the line.deputed testamony. dead at 32. early nighlights from seattle...we'll hear from the ravens, and ourrprep player of the week's all cominn up at 10:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimited --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 what... do you get... when... yyu have... an... enthused reporter.. / and... a terrified kid? kid?some very funny video... take a look lookreporter: toss it back. we gotta go to drew the farm kid. how ya doin' there palie. right now, he can't say anything right now, but you know what he's saying right now? e-e-e equals m-c sqared. get thh cam
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2